Is It Just A Fad?

I’m sure you have seen these electronic smokes before and wondered what they are all about and how they work. Fact is that eSmokes have been around for a few years but have taken off like a rocket this past year with websites popping up all over and I even saw an infomercial on TV. A lot of different companies sell the ecigarette and all the accessories that go along with it like flavored nicotine cartridges, extra batteries, and chargers.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Healthier for you?

ecig-fadAt this point it seems very likely that they possess healthy alternatives to smoking cigarettes, I mean put it up against a traditional tobacco cigarette and there really isn’t any comparison as the old cigs have over 4,000 cancer causing chemicals and these electronic smoking devices only produce water vapor, much like “fog” you see at a concert. It uses an atomizer to turn the flavored liquid nicotine into vapor or “smoke” giving you that realistic smoking experience. Plus you can get them with or without different levels of nicotine and tasty flavors.

What comes in an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit?

Basic electronic cigarette starter kits come with one or two lithium rechargeable batteries, a USB charger to plug into your home outlet or computer, flavored nicotine cartridges, extra atomizers, and of course an instructional manual and warranty information. Each company is a little different in style and flavor choices.

So these are alternatives to smoking cigarettes and appears it can help people who no longer want to deal with the drawbacks of tobacco like the increasing cost, nasty smell, and the terrible stains it leaves on your teeth and clothes. Ecigs are tax free cigarettes in a sense because there is no tobacco tax.

So I believe the the electric cigarette is here to stay. What are your thoughts?