Congratulations on visiting our website. Just this initiative alone means you are curious/serious about smoking cessation—either for yourself or a loved one. We are determined to have a vital impact in assisting people to quit smoking—AS LONG AS YOU are ready to quit.

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I am going on 4 years of non smoking. I took advice from MedQuit and quit in 3 days. Ask my husband. Down from 4 packs a day for 30 years and then it was none. I had already done the damage

Mary A. from Louisiana

Excellent! Wasn’t sure it would work. THANK you.  It does & my family is grateful. I’m a multiple buyer who’s extremely pleased! Great product, bought 2 additional sets for friends. It worked really well.

Jill C. from Indiana

Hey! I want to tell you about my progress! Thanks to MedQuit, (and you!!) I have been a non smoker since then! This passed Nov, I have had 3 years smoke free!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I will NEVER smoke again! Thank you, thank you.

Jay M. from Washington